Trat Museum


In a beautiful restored timber building on the site of the former city hall, Trat's museum features six rooms of interpretive panels (in English and Thai), models, and displays covering the history of the province from its people, culture and archaeological history to major events such as the Naval Battle of Ko Chang. It's well presented and comprehensive.

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1. Indoor Market

0.29 MILES

The indoor market sprawls east from Th Sukhumvit to Th Tat Mai and has a little bit of everything, especially all the things that you forgot to pack…

2. Day Market

0.32 MILES

Trat's day market sells fresh fruit, vegetables and takeaway food.

3. Mu Ko Chang National Marine Park

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This land and marine national park covers the entire archipelago and protects much of the central part of the island. Conservation efforts are a bit…

4. Nam Tok Than Mayom

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A series of three falls along the stream of Khlong Mayom can be reached via the park office near Nam Tha Than Mayom. The view from the top is superb and…

5. Ao Salak Kok

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The dense tangle of mangroves here is protected by a group of fisherfolk who recognises its ecological importance. Mangroves are the ocean’s nurseries,…

6. Nam Tok Khlong Plu

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The island's biggest and most impressive waterfall, this is a three-tiered cascade with a pool where you can swim (with fish). It's easily accessible from…

7. White Sand Beach (Hat Sai Khao)

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The longest, most luxurious stretch of sand on the island, Hat Sai Khao is universally known as White Sand Beach, a developed strip packed with package…

8. Nam Tok Khiri Phet

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This small waterfall, 2km from Ban Salak Phet, is a 15-minute walk from the road and rewards you with a small, deep plunge pool. It is usually less…