Ban Salak Phet

Ko Chang

To discover what Ko Chang was like before tourists came, visit Ban Salak Phet, in the far southeastern corner. This sleepy community is full of stilt houses, fishing boats and yawning dogs who stretch out on the roadside; it also provides access to some good treks.

Just before the fishing village is Wat Salek Phet, a small but elaborate temple complex. Most visitors continue on for the seafood restaurants or to cruise the lonely byways for a secluded beach. Beyond the commercial heart of the village is Ao Salak Phet, a beautiful blue bay serenely guarded by humpbacked islands.

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Nearby Ko Chang attractions

1. Nam Tok Khiri Phet

1.55 MILES

This small waterfall, 2km from Ban Salak Phet, is a 15-minute walk from the road and rewards you with a small, deep plunge pool. It is usually less…

2. Ao Salak Kok

2.82 MILES

The dense tangle of mangroves here is protected by a group of fisherfolk who recognises its ecological importance. Mangroves are the ocean’s nurseries,…

3. Hat Khlong Kloi

3.46 MILES

At the eastern end of Ao Bang Bao, Khlong Kloi is a pretty sandy beach that is away from the package tour scene and, though popular, still has a hidden…

4. Ban Bang Bao

4.19 MILES

At this former fishing community built in the traditional fashion of interconnected piers, the villagers have swapped their nets for renting out portions…

5. Lonely Beach

5.15 MILES

The last thing you'll be here is lonely, as this is Ko Chang's backpacker enclave and the liveliest place to be after dark – until at least 5am. Here,…

6. Hat Kaibae


A companion beach to Khlong Prao, Hat Kaibae is a good spot for families and 30-something couples. A slim strip of sand unfurls around an island-dotted…

7. Nam Tok Than Mayom

5.98 MILES

A series of three falls along the stream of Khlong Mayom can be reached via the park office near Nam Tha Than Mayom. The view from the top is superb and…

8. Mu Ko Chang National Marine Park

6.02 MILES

This land and marine national park covers the entire archipelago and protects much of the central part of the island. Conservation efforts are a bit…