Hat Khuat

Top choice beach in Ko Pha-Ngan

Image by sitriel Getty Images

This lovely stretch of sand overlooked by green hills is a superb choice for a relaxing day of swimming and snorkelling, and the bungalow operations along the beach beckon would-be overnighters. There's a great hike from Ban Chalok Lam, the fishing village in the island's north, but take enough water and follow the bottles on poles that should mark the way; the usual way to the beach is by beach taxi from Ban Chalok Lam or Thong Nai Pan.

If you do the hike, tell someone in Ban Chalok Lam you are heading out and do it early in the morning or late afternoon, when it's cooler. The way may not be so clear either, but avoid heading down onto the rocks below and following the coastline that way.