Nam Tok Than Sadet

Ko Pha-Ngan

Upon arrival, these falls will seem a tad disappointing with all the visible plastic piping. To appreciate them better, clamber down the rocks to the pools where you can enjoy a cool swim. The waters of Khlong Than Sadet are now considered sacred and used in royal ceremonies because of how popular the river and the area near the mouth was with past Thai kings. On your way out, be sure to tip the blind guardian.

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1. Deang Waterfall

0.69 MILES

Than Sadet has a string of waterfalls down to the beach at Ao Thong Reng, and this is the best. Deang features a sequence of falls, a pool for swimming in…

2. Hat Than Sadet

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3. Hat Thong Reng

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4. Than Prawet Waterfall


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5. Hat Yao (East)

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8. Hat Wai Nam

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