Zanzibar Island

ZALA (Zanzibar Land Animals) Park was founded as a project to help local people appreciate the value of wildlife, with funds raised by tourist visits. The park itself appears forlorn today, as more energy and emphasis goes into tours exploring local woodland, mangrove shoreline and nearby villages, by foot, bike or kayak.

Also available are van-assisted walking or cycling tours of nearby Makunduchi, taking in rarely visited caves, animist shrines and historical sites.

Zala Park is about 40km from Zanzibar Town, south of Jozani, in the village of Muungoni, on the road to Makunduchi. (Do not confuse it with Zanzibar Park, which is a zoo near Zanzibar Town.) Tours need to be arranged in advance. Some knowledgeable tour companies and Mangrove Lodge can also assist.