Mangapwani Coral Cave

Zanzibar Island

This large natural cavern with a freshwater pool was originally used as a source of drinking water for local people and is rumoured to have been used in connection with the slave trade.

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1. Mangapwani Slave Chamber

1.21 MILES

This dark cell cut into the coral rock was used as a holding pen to hide slaves after the legal trade was abolished in the late 19th century. From here it…

2. Kidichi Persian Baths

7.59 MILES

Sultan Seyyid Said built this bathhouse at Kidichi (11km northeast of Zanzibar Town) in 1850 for his Persian wife, Scheherezade. The royal couple would…

3. Mtoni Palace

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Overlooking the coast, away from the heat and hustle of Zanzibar Town, Mtoni Palace was built for Sultan Seyyid Said in 1828. It was home to the sultan’s…

4. Maruhubi Palace

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Maruhubi Palace was built outside Zanzibar Town in 1882 for Sultan Barghash to house his impressively large harem. A few years later it was destroyed by…

5. Cine Afrique

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It's no longer a working cinema, but the grand old Cine Afrique is an art deco gem and a significant landmark.

6. Old Dispensary

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With its peppermint-green latticework balconies and sculpted clock tower, this 19th-century charitable dispensary is one of the most attractive landmarks…

7. Big Tree

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A venerable landmark on the waterfront, and popular meeting spot for passengers taking boat rides.

8. Ijumaa Mosque

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This lovely Arabesque-style mosque is one of the largest in Stone Town. As an Ijumma (Friday) mosque, the faithful come to pray here, rather than at their…