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Taichung (台中; Táizhōng) is a transport hub of western Taiwan and you are likely to stop over or even spend a night or two here, especially if you plan to head inland. The city center has several attractions and it's a good base to make side trips to the outer area, which has a lot to offer.

Today the name Taichung tends, among locals anyway, to conjure up visions of great weather and unfortunately, increasingly, air pollution. Taipei and Taichung may have similar average temperatures but Taichung is much drier, receiving around 1700mm of rain per year compared with Taipei’s 2170mm.

Under Japanese, and later KMT, economic planning, Kaohsiung became the center of heavy industry, Taipei the center of colonial administration...and Taichung? The centre of light industry. If your image of 'Made in Taiwan' still conjures up visions of cheap toys, shoes and electrical goods, then you’ve got old Taichung in mind.



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