Lottie Davies

Western Taiwan

If you’re looking for variety in your Taiwan travel experience, go west. The Mazu Pilgrimage, one of the country’s biggest and holiest celebrations, is definitely a highlight. This nine-day parade across half of Taiwan is an extravaganza of feasting, prostrating, praying and great acts of generosity.

Keen on the outdoors? Head to Yushan National Park to climb the highest peak in Northeast Asia; if you continue down the back-route trails you’ll be in total wilderness for days at a time. Alternatively, feel the breeze in your hair and the mud between your toes at Gaomei Wetlands. For a glimpse of Indigenous traditions, spend the night at one of the firefly-lit villages in the Alishan Range.

Fancy a taste of Taiwanese nostalgia? Look no further than the Japanese-era railway legacy in Alishan and Chiayi, or Lukang's quaint red-tiled streets, all of which provide inspiring examples of the Taiwan of yore.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Western Taiwan.