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Getting around by air

Airports & Airlines

  • Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport The main international airport is in Taoyuan, 40km (45 minutes' drive) west of central Taipei. Formerly known as Chiang Kai-shek International Airport.

  • Taichung Airport (www.tca.gov.tw) In Taichung, for domestic flights to the outer islands and Hualien, and to Japan (Okinawa), Korea (Incheon), China, Hong Kong, Macau and Vietnam.

  • Tainan Airport (www.tna.gov.tw/tw) A small civil and military airport that has several flights a week to Hong Kong, Japan and mainland China.

  • Siaogang Airport (www.kia.gov.tw) In Kaohsiung, Siaogang Airport has domestic flights to Hualien and the outer islands, as well as direct flights to China, Hong Kong, Thailand and other Asian destinations.

  • Taipei Songshan Airport (www.tsa.gov.tw) Located in Taipei county, this airport handles domestic flights to Hualien, Taitung and the outer islands; internationally it has direct flights to China, Japan and Korea.

National Airlines

Taiwan has two major international airlines. Eva Air (www.evaair.com) started operation in 1991 and has had no fatalities to date. China Airlines (www.china-airlines.com) was somewhat infamous for a number of crashes in the 1990s and early 2000s. Over the past decade or so, the airline has improved by bringing in new training and safety standards.

Departure Tax

Departure tax is included in the price of tickets.