Seashore Park


in Taitung

A pleasant place to smell the sea air, this park's signature feature is known immodestly as the Taitung International Landmark (台東國際地標; Táidōng Guójì Dìbiāo). That's a snaking arc of artistically pointless pedestrian ramp with rattan-weave shading that puts on a ten-minute light show at night and a central pavilion that looks like a partly deflated soufflé. Inside that hides a curious tree-like structure.

Note that most of Taitung's promotional photos show the monument with a more delicate filigree roof and a spherical centrepiece, but those features were ripped up by a 2016 typhoon. The current version is sturdier if less elegant.

If you're cycling, continue north of here to the extensive Forest Park (森林公園; Sēnlín Gōngyuán), which has a a particularly appealing lake area at its northernmost end.