Xingtian Temple


This newish temple, established in just 1967, lacks that historical atmosphere but is an extremely busy and popular city temple. It's worth the trip to observe folk religion practices. Typically, you will see long lines of people waiting for an 'exorcism' of bad luck and spirits conducted by one of the blue-robed temple staff, who wave a special low-smoke incense stick in front of the body while chanting.

Perhaps, because it is a modern temple, it leads the way in new ideas. In 2014, it banned the burning of incense and removed its furnaces to stop people setting paper money alight for both health and environmental reasons.

Just outside the temple there's an underground Street of Fortune Telling under Mingquan E Rd (open 10am to 10pm). If you linger and look interested, you'll be pointed in the direction of the seer who can speak English.