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Miniatures Museum of Taiwan


Whimsical, wondrous and fantastically detailed are the creative works at this private museum located in the basement of a nondescript tower block. On display are dozens of doll-house-sized replicas of western houses, castles, chalets, palaces and villages, as well as scenes from classic children's stories such as Pinocchio and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. If you're coming by MRT, take Exit 5.

Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy this place, for within each structure is a whole world of tiny figures in costume, surrounded by their respective daily furnishings. The peeks into the living rooms and backstreets of 19th-century London alone are worth admission, as is the outstanding Japanese village, complete with blooming cherry blossoms. Curiously, the museum shop also sells miniature bottles of whiskey and gin. That's the spirit!

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