Bitan Suspension Bridge


This 200m-long bouncy pedestrian bridge was built by the Japanese in 1937. It offers a great vantage point from which to gaze towards the forested hills of Taiwan's northern mountain range, or back up the river to the concrete jaws of the city.

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1. National Human Rights Museum


This former detention centre, court and jail was where political prisoners were incarcerated and tried during the White Terror period (1947–87). The…

2. Museum of World Religions


Though founded by a Buddhist order, this museum aims not to promote Buddhism, but to build harmony by showing the communality of all religions. Highlights…

3. Silver Stream Cave Waterfall

3.23 MILES

This is a narrow waterfall that flows out of a cave; the rock face behind has a spooky temple built into the stone. It's a fairly vigorous hike to get…

4. Maokong Gondola

3.41 MILES

This 4km-long, 30-minute gondola ride is as much an attraction as a mode of transport. On clear days and nights the views across Taipei and up the lush…

5. Zhinan Temple

3.58 MILES

The serene and stately Zhinan Temple sits high above Wenshan District in a near feng shui–perfect perch: two rivers converge in the valley below, while…

6. Treasure Hill

3.76 MILES

Head down to the river from the Museum of Drinking Water, turn left, and you'll soon come across this charming art village. It was founded in the late…

7. Tea Research and Promotion Center

3.89 MILES

This lovely red-brick building, about a 20-minute walk from Maokong gondola station, has tranquil gardens, free tea (look for the tap at the far right of…

8. Museum of Drinking Water

3.92 MILES

Located next to a water park (open in summer only), this museum covers the history of water treatment in Taipei and is set in a rather beautiful former…