Museum of World Religions

Northern Taiwan

Though founded by a Buddhist order, this museum aims not to promote Buddhism, but to build harmony by showing the communality of all religions. Highlights include detailed scale models of the world's great holy sites such as Islam's Dome of the Rock, Sikhism's Golden Temple and Christianity's Chartres Cathedral; remarkably, the insides of these models can be viewed via tiny cameras.

The museum also features riveting multimedia presentations, reflection-inducing exhibits such as the Hall of Life's Journey, a meditation room and a Kids' Land.

Signage in English is mostly good and there's a recorded English audio tour available for NT$100. The cafeteria (open from 11am to 7pm, Tuesday to Saturday) serves good vegetarian food.

You can walk to the museum from Dingxi MRT on the yellow line (it's about 1.1km) or take bus 706 from Exit 2.

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