Confucius Temple


Taiwan's largest Confucius temple complex (167 sq m) is a stately 1970s replica of a Song-dynasty temple and the famous Qufu Confucius Temple in Shandong. It sits on the northwestern corner of Lotus Pond.

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1. Xuantian Shang-di


This gigantic statue at Lotus Pond is of a powerful Taoist deity whose name means God Almighty of the Mysterious Heavens. He is also known as Xuan Wu (玄武;…

2. Temple of Enlightenment

0.33 MILES

The largest temple in Lotus Pond area began as an ancestral hall for the followers of Koxinga. It was restored and considerably expanded in 1980. The two…

3. Lotus Pond

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The scenic pond in the north of the city has been a popular destination since the Qing dynasty and is well known for the 20 or so temples dotting the…

4. City God Temple

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5. Spring & Autumn Pavilions

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At Lotus Pond, about 180m to the north of the Dragon & Tiger Pagodas are the fun and gaudy Spring & Autumn Pavilions. The two octagonal towers in green…

6. Dragon & Tiger Pagodas

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On the southern edge of Lotus Pond are the red-and-yellow seven-storey Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, built in full-blown '70s flamboyance. They're connected…

7. Military Dependants' Village Museum

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Four houses of a military dependants' village have been restored and turned into a quaint museum. Besides exhibits on the KMT retreat from China and the…

8. Story House of Naval Base Zuoying


In a compound next to Taiwan's largest naval base, this small museum pays tribute to Zuoying's strong military heritage. By means of relics, photos,…