Stampa, a village of 595, was the home of the artist Alberto Giacometti (1901–66), and is the location of the valley's tourist office. Easily accessed by postal bus along the main road, it has a number of historic buildings, such as Museo Ciäsa Granda and Palazzo Castelmur.

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1. Museo Ciäsa Granda


While this museum focuses on the works of the Giacomettis and Varlin, it also has good exhibits on the geology, flora and fauna of Val Bregaglia.

2. Palazzo Castelmur

0.39 MILES

Originally built in 1723, this castle was later renovated in 1854, giving it an intriguing mix of both Moorish and Gothic styles. It's surprising…

3. Soglio

2.46 MILES

Soglio (1090m), a hamlet of 300 near the Italian border, faces the smooth-sided Pizzo Badile (3308m). Segantini claimed it was 'the gateway to paradise'…

4. Nietzsche Haus

10.2 MILES

Sils-Maria might be a sleepy lakeside village now, but the rumble of existential philosophy once reverberated around these peaks, courtesy of Friedrich…

5. Julier Pass

11.03 MILES

The Julier Pass (2284m) sits above Silvaplana, 7km to the west. The pass has been in use since Roman times and remains of a Roman temple have been found…

6. Corvatsch 3303

13.15 MILES

Ride the spectacular Corvatsch cable cars from Silvaplana-Surlej (1870m) to the Murtèl mid-station (2702m), then from Murtèl to the top – at a stunning…

7. Segantini Museum

15.51 MILES

Housed in an eye-catching stone building topped by a cupola, this museum shows the paintings of Giovanni Segantini (1858–99). The Italian artist…

8. Engadiner Museum

15.62 MILES

For a peek at the archetypal dwellings and humble interiors of the Engadine Valley, visit this museum showing traditional stoves and archaeological finds.