First Cliff Walk by Tissot

Bernese Oberland

Next to Berggasthaus First at around 2200m, this new lookout platform, jutting out 45m into the void, provides heart-pumping views of the valley and surrounding mountains. If you have vertigo, forget it.

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Nearby Bernese Oberland attractions

1. Bachalpsee

2.19 MILES

Utterly entrancing in the still of early morning, with its perfect reflection of the white pyramid of Schreckhorn (4078m), this glacial lake is less than…

2. Gletscherschlucht

3.22 MILES

Turbulent waters carve a path through this craggy glacier gorge. A footpath weaves through tunnels hacked into cliffs veined with pink and green marble…

3. Gletscherschlucht Rosenlaui

4.53 MILES

A round trail takes in waterfalls and 80m-high cliffs at this dramatic glacier gorge. The walk back to Meiringen takes at least two hours, but hourly…

4. Giessbachfälle

5.71 MILES

Illuminating the fir forest like a spotlight in the dark, the misty Giessbachfälle plummet 500m over 14 rocky ridges. Europe’s oldest funicular, dating to…

5. Ballenberg Open-Air Museum


For a fascinating insight into the rural Switzerland of yore, visit this open-air museum, set across 80 hectares east of Brienz. Authentically…

6. Männlichen

6.68 MILES

Rising between the Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen Valleys, 2230m Männlichen has sensational views deep into the glaciated heart of the region. These are…

7. Reichenbachfälle

6.77 MILES

Gazing over the mighty Reichenbach Falls, where the cataract plunges 250m to the ground with a deafening roar, you can see how Arthur Conan Doyle thought…

8. Schweizer Holzbildhauerei Museum


Homing in on the tradition of woodcarving in Brienz, this museum contains the prized collection of the Jobin workshop, which has been in business since…