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Central Sweden

Central Sweden is the perfect distillation of all the things that make Sweden so Swedish, plopped not exactly in the nation's geographical centre, but in the middle of its population belt, making access to a diverse range of sights and experiences a cinch. You'll see plenty of old Volvos, Dalahäst (carved wooden horses), saunas, sunsets over lakes and candles in the windows out here. It's a paradise of forests, mountains and meadows and oh so much water,and is within easy reach of Stockholm and Gothenburg.

The Lake Siljan area, with its idyllic villages of Falu Red cottages, represents the country’s historic heartland. Beyond Falun, the landscape becomes wilder and more rugged – a tease of Lappland and the far north.

The region is anchored to the south by the cities of Örebro, Uppsala and Västerås. All are lively cultural centres boasting well-preserved architecture, a wealth of museums and plenty of scope for wining, dining and shopping.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Central Sweden.