Southeastern Sweden

Southeastern Sweden is a treasure trove of stoic castles, storybook villages and mystical islands. Carved by the epic Göta Canal, Östergötland boasts lovable, lakeside Vadstena, home to a hulking Renaissance castle, and kid-pleasing, candy-crazed Gränna.

Småland sparkles with its ethereal forests, preserved pastel towns and show-off Kalmar castle. Snoop through Astrid Lindgren’s childhood home in Vimmerby, check out Jönköping-Huskvarna's cool retro museums or try your hand at blowing glass in the villages of the so-called 'Glasriket' region.

Offshore Öland has a beguiling mix of windmills, wild animals, windswept coastlines and Iron Age archaeological sites. Not surprisingly, much of the island sits on the Unesco World Heritage list. But the jewel in Southeastern Sweden's crown is the island of Gotland, a mesmerising spectacle of rune-scattered landscapes, medieval churches, sandy beaches and the magical, magnificent Hanseatic walled city of Visby, where we'll forgive you for thinking you've stepped back in time.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Southeastern Sweden.