Fredriksdal museer och trädgårdar

Top choice in Helsingborg

One of Sweden’s best open-air museums, based around an 18th-century manor house (not open to the public), the houses and shops you see here once graced the streets of central Helsingborg; they were moved here, brick by brick, in the 1960s. Thankfully, this is no contrived theme park; the whole place is charming and there's plenty of scope for souvenir shopping at the art and craft workshops. There are also herb, rose and vegetable gardens and blissfully leafy grounds.

Local wildflowers grace the beautiful botanic gardens, and there’s a summer program of activities and performances in the French baroque open-air theatre. The museum entrance, located just off Hävertgatan, is an easy 250m walk south of the Zoégas bus stop on Ängelsholmsvägen.