Museum of Nevis History


American statesman Alexander Hamilton (1757–1804) was many things in his short life: soldier, lawyer, author of the Federalist Papers, US founding father, the country’s first Secretary of the Treasury and, finally, the victim of a fatal duel with his political nemesis Aaron Burr. (He has since been reborn as the star of the musical Hamilton.) Hamilton was also born – scandalously, out of wedlock – in or near this restored 1840 stone building that today contains a modest museum chronicling his rags-to-riches career.

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1. Nevis Heritage Trail

0.15 MILES

As you drive the island ring road, look for the blue road markers pointing out locations on the Nevis Heritage Trail, including churches, sugar estates,…

2. Jewish Cemetery

0.29 MILES

The modest cemetery is all that’s left of the Jewish legacy that has its roots in the early 18th century, when scores of Jews arrived on Nevis' shores…

3. Bath Hotel

0.65 MILES

Built in 1778, this venerable hilltop structure lays claim to the title of 'first hotel in the Caribbean' and was the hub of Nevisian social life through…

4. Horatio Nelson Museum

0.71 MILES

This small museum trains its focus on Horatio Nelson, the British naval commander who married a local widow, Fanny Nisbet, in 1787 and met his demise…

5. Pinney’s Beach

1.18 MILES

This 3-mile-long stretch of golden-gray sand along the west coast has decent snorkeling right offshore. The northern end is punctuated by the massive Four…

6. Hamilton Estate Ruins

1.48 MILES

Enjoy views of Charlestown from this romantically ruined sugar estate, which is being reclaimed by the jungle. Wander among the foundations of the Great…

7. St Thomas' Lowland Church

2.01 MILES

About 3 miles north of Charlestown, Nevis’ oldest church (1643) stares serenely out to sea from its hilltop perch. Goats keep the cemetery grounds trimmed…

8. St John’s Fig Tree Church

2.02 MILES

This 1680 stone church is famous for displaying – in a glass case in the back – a copy of the marriage record of Horatio Nelson and Fanny Nisbet. If you…