Plage des Flamands


The widest beach on the island, Flamands' clear waters seduce beachgoers and surfers when the swell's up. Most of its shadeless sweep is backed by private houses along with a couple of hotels toward the eastern end with bars, sun loungers and umbrellas for paying customers. While much of the village is still undergoing major post-Irma reconstruction, many of the laneways leading to the beach remain closed. For now, the main access is at the western end.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby St-Barthélemy attractions

1. Plage de Colombier


This is the tropical paradise you've daydreamed about: a dazzling, secluded white-sand carpet lapped by turquoise waters and backed by undulating hills…

2. Fort Gustave

1.29 MILES

Built in 1787 by the Swedish as one of three forts to protect the harbor, this site today has the remains of a vaguely bottle-shaped lighthouse along with…

3. Wall House Museum

1.49 MILES

An imposing stone building from the Swedish period at the tip of the peninsula houses a modest collection of oil lamps, period furniture, farming tools,…

4. Le P’tit Collectionneur

1.69 MILES

A diverse array of objects ranging from oil lamps, old nautical equipment and model ships to 18th‑century British smoking pipes and the island’s first…

5. St Bartholomew's Anglican Church

1.75 MILES

Completed in 1855 from French bricks and limestone, local stone and Sint Eustatius volcanic black rock, white-painted St Bartholomew's has an open-sided…

6. Plage de St Jean

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St Jean's beach is separated by the Eden Rock hotel. The western section is a fairly narrow strip right below the tiny airport, making it a favorite among…

7. Shell Beach

1.89 MILES

In case you're tired of getting powdery-white sand everywhere, take the five-minute saunter from the harbor to this midsize beach awash with tiny crunched…

8. Plage de Lorient

2.46 MILES

With calm waters at its eastern end and gentle surf at the western end, this coral-reef-cradled curve of golden sand is one of St-Barth's most family…