Es Pas


The northen tip of Formentera, Es Pas (The Crossing) is a magical place where the beaches of Llevant and Illetes combine and form a (submerged) 300m-long sandbar that stretches north across to the island of Espalmador. There are usually people making their way over, holding their belongings on their heads, when the sea is calm (but be careful with currents).

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1. Espalmador

0.58 MILES

A low-slung, uninhabited island of dunes and sandstone off the northernmost tip of Formentera, Espalmador has a beautiful crescent-shaped beach of fine…

2. Platja Illetes

1.19 MILES

Forming the western section of the slender Trucador Peninsula, stunning Platja Illetes is as close a vision of the Caribbean (minus the coconut trees) as…

3. Platja Llevant

1.28 MILES

Through the steep sand dunes on the eastern side of the Trucador Peninsula, Platja Llevant is a divine, undeveloped beach. The powdery sand is so white it…

4. Ses Salines


Protected by the Parc Natural de Ses Salines, Formentera’s salt pans haven't been used for salt production since 1984, though salt crystals still form in…

5. Torre de Ses Portes

4.32 MILES

From this formidable 18th-century defence tower on Ibiza's southernmost tip (a 20-minute walk from the south end of Es Cavallet or Platja de Ses Salines),…

6. Museu Etnològic

4.65 MILES

A modest ethnological museum illustrating Formentera’s agricultural, fishing and artisan heritage.

7. Església de Sant Francesc

4.69 MILES

Looming over Sant Francesc's charming central square, with a stark whitewashed facade, the imposing village fortress-church dates from the early 18th…

8. Església de Sant Ferran

4.75 MILES

Overlooking a humble little square, Sant Ferran's charming 19th-century church has an exposed-stone facade topped by a simple belfry.