Basílica de La Macarena

La Macarena & Alameda de Hércules

Seville -  fresco Virgin Mary as Immaculate conception

Getty Images/iStockphoto

This 20th-century neo-baroque basilica is home to Seville’s most revered religious treasure, the Virgen de la Esperanza Macarena (Macarena Virgin of Hope), known popularly as the Macarena. This magnificent 17th-century statue, a star of the city's fervent Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebrations, stands in splendour behind the main altarpiece, adorned with a golden crown, lavish vestments and five flower-shaped diamond and emerald brooches donated by the famous matador Joselito El Gallo in 1912.

The basilica also has a small museum (treasury), accessible through the gift shop to the left of the main entrance, displaying further treasures relating to the Virgin.

Near the basilica is a stretch of Seville's 12th-century Almoravid walls.