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Wine Tours of Galicia

We will pick you up and drop you off at a previously agreed location in a 4x4 Jeep and visit several wineries in the region, including Granbazan, Valdamor, Santiago Roma, etc. We will be stopping for lunch at a typical Galicia "furancho", a semi-clandestine private house that produces and sells their own wine, and local dishes such as traditional pulpo, tortilla and empanada. The  Albarino Wine Tour includes a visit to several wineries of all sizes from the largest cellars to the smaller ones all of them belonging to the denomination of origin  Rías Baixas with a Spanish, English and Italian speaking Galician guide with extensive knowledge of wine production in the area. We are open to visit, on request, any wineries of your choice. Just contact us with your requirements. All tours can be tailored to fit your needs.

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Semana Santa navegando por Las Rias Baixas Gallegas

Primer día: Vigo.           Embarque en el Real Club Náutico de Vigo entre las 17.00h y 19hA las 19.00 horas una vez estemos todos reunidos , nuestra primera tarea conjunta es la compra para estibar el barco con provisiones para los siguientes días, Distribuimos los camarotes y las tareas de la vida a bordo y la navegación .Cena en un restaurante de la zona y regreso al barco para descansar conocernos y prepararnos para nuestra aventura .Segundo día: Playa de Barra y Baiona.        Amaneceremos a bordo y pondremos rumbo a Morrazo , en el camino pararemos en una batea para degustar este típico molusco gallego acompañado de una copa de Albariño . Seguimos nuestro camino y comida a bordo fondeando en La playa de Barra . Por la tarde llegamos a Baiona donde tendremos tiempo para conocer este bonito pueblo declarado Conjunto de Interés Histórico Artístico,tomaremos una cervecita antes de una cena en grupo en un restaurante marinero de la zona. Tercer día: Beluso y Combarro.     Partimos de Baiona en una travesía de 4-5 horas a vela por el Atlantico hacía la Ría de Pontevedra , al mediodía nos acercaremos al Puerto de Beluso donde podremos degustar delicioso marisco gallego en un restaurante centenario del pueblo . Con una agradable sobremesa entre amigos , copita en mano de licores gallegos como la Crema de Orujo o Licor Café .Esta noche la pasaremso en Combarro , hermoso pueblo conocido por sus casitas de piedra y horreos  al borde el Mar .Cena libre Cuarto día: Islas Cíes y Vigo.        Nos dirigimos a las Islas Cies un paraíso natural  digno de conocer y deleitarnos con sus hermoso paisaje , un conjunto de tres Islas que forman parte del Parque Nacional de las Islas Atlanticas . Fondearemos en una playa sólo accesible en barco privado , la playa de San Martiños para descansar o tomar un baño . Desembarco en la Playa de Rodas donde podremos hacer una Ruta de Senderismo , pasando por faros marinos con espectaculares vistas . Regresamos y comida a bordo fondeando en la playa , al atardecer comenzara nuestra travesía de regreso Quinto día:  Vigo.      Desayuno a bordo , preparamos las maletas y nos despedimos de nuestras nuevas amistades , quizá ya con la siguiente escapada planeada ...

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Sailing, outdoor adventure and gastronomic holiday experiences

Join us onboard Atyla at 16.00 in the Gijón sports marina. Once we are all on board, we will go through a quick safety briefing; after which you are free to explore the city at your leisure. Our crew liaison will be available to take you around and show you the sights if you would like but no food or dinks are included in this option. Dinner is provided on board, but you can eat on shore if you wish.The following morning we will depart Gijón on the high tide at 9am for a 3 day sailing trip, hugging the incredibly stunning and rugged coastline infamously called the ‘Costa da Morte’ (Coast of death), due to the number of shipwrecks in the area. Not all of which lost their way in a storm, but rather chillingly were deliberately lured onto the rocks by local rogues in order to loot their precious cargos.We plan to arrive in Vigo on the incoming tide on Friday at 10am. This gives us a full day to explore. We’ll start the day after a good breakfast on board with a guided gastro-historic tour of the city which will take approximately 2 hours, including tapas in 2 local taverns. We’ll then head back to the ship for lunch prepared by our cook showcasing some typical local fayre. In the afternoon we’ll head out on a 4 hour cycling route along the coast, water & snacks provided. Once back on the ship in the evening we’ll enjoy a well deserved dinner, after which you can relax on board or head out into the city for a nightcap.The next day after a late breakfast you can choose to disembark, or join us for a day sail around the ría with other guests and enjoy a food & wine tasting lunch on board if your travel plans permit.Latest disembarkation is 17.00 on the 27thGratuity optional

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Discover Galicia by sail. With onshore activities in O Grove, O Pobra & Muros.

ItineraryDay 1: O GroveStop At: O Carreiro, O Grove, Province of Pontevedra, GaliciaWe will have a shuttle service available for a single pick up at the airport and the city centre (Santiago de Compostela), arrival at the ship for those taking advantage of the pick up will be after the day sail has finished. For those making their own way to O Grove, we will embark at 11.00 in the Porto O Grove. After a short safety briefing, we'll start the day with a cruise along the Ría de Arousa, combined with a tasting of local cuisine by a specialised agency, after which we can explore the local town before dinner back on board.Duration: 20 hoursMeals included: • Lunch: Buffet style food & wine tasting on board if you arrive at 11.00 • Dinner: OnboardAccommodation included: OnboardDay 2: Sailing the ríasPass By: O Carreiro, O Grove, Province of Pontevedra, GaliciaThe following morning we'll set sail nice and early towards Pobra do Caraminal. We'll spend 1,5 days sailing in the area (maybe with a stop for a swim if the weather allows it). That way we'll be able to have a taste of what ATYLA's Personal Development Programme is like when we do longer trips (optional).Meals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: OnboardDay 3: Sailing the Galician Rías and arrival in O PobraStop At: Piscinas naturales del Rio Pedras, A Pobra do Caraminal, Province of A Coruna, GaliciaWe'll spend the day at sea. If the wind is in our favour we will hoist as many sails as possible and turn off the engine. Where possible we always use the sails!! You'll help with all the sailing, but don't worry if you have never sailed before, we have professional crew to help you! :) We plan to arrive in O Pobra in the evening, where we will enjoy a walk around the town with a stop for some tapas. We will then be all set for a days adventuring tomorrow!Duration: 5 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: OnboardDay 4: Canyoning in Rio PedrasStop At: Piscinas naturales del Rio Pedras, A Pobra do Caraminal, Province of A Coruna, GaliciaToday we head off to a lovely local spot where we'll enjoy a day canyoning around the natural rock pools and down the gorge. We'll take a small picnic to keep us going and get to the ship for a late lunch and a well deserved rest. We'll take it easy in the evening with an early dinner as we will have an early start to set off to Muros the following morning.Duration: 1 dayMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch: Picnic • DinnerAccommodation included: OnboardDay 5: Sailing to MurosPass By: Ponte Ria de Noia, Noia, Province of A Coruna, GaliciaOne and a half more days at sea, with a stop for a swim along the way if the weather is in our favour. If the wind is in the right directions, we will again hoist as many sails as possible and you can learn some more skills like helming, navigation etc. We'll be sailing overnight, so you can take part in night watches where we need to be alert and keep an eye out for any obstacles or other vessels!!!No meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.Day 6: Arrival in MurosPass By: Cafe-Bar Muros, Muros del Nalon, AsturiasAnother full day on the high seas practising our sailing skills before arriving in Muros in the evening. We'll have a well deserved hearty meal on board, then you are free to make your way into town for a nightcap or two!Meals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: OnboardDay 7: Hiking and farewell meal in MurosStop At: Cafe-Bar Muros, Muros del Nalon, AsturiasAfter breakfast we'll head out for a hike in the nearby countryside with a picnic. And return to the boat ready for a big farewell dinner before leaving the ship the next morning.Duration: 1 dayMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: OnboardDay 8: Disembarkation Pass By: Cafe-Bar Muros, Muros del Nalon, AsturiasOn the last day of the trip we'll have a late breakfast and be ready to disembark at 11.00amExtend your trip: If you have time, consider joining also our trip back to Bilbao, for a different experience with 3 days of non-stop sailing.Meals included: • BreakfastNo accommodation included on this day.

$707.87 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Discover Galicia by sail - Vigo, Islas Cies, O Grove

ItineraryDay 1: Day sail around the Ría de Vigo with a food & wine tasting eventStop At: Casco Vello Vigo, Vigo, Province of Pontevedra, GaliciaJoin Atyla at 11.00 in Puerto de Vigo. If you are coming from abroad you can fly into either Vigo or Santiago de Compostela, both have international flights. After you get settled, there will be a short safety briefing on ship life, then we’ll get started with the first of our activities, a public food & wine tasting event onboard, cruising around the ría. Once our day guests disembark we will set sail toward Cies Islands nature reserve, known to the Romans as ‘Land of the Gods’. Duration: 2 hoursMeals included: • Lunch: A light buffet style lunch cruising around the ría as part of a food & wine tasting event • DinnerAccommodation included: We'll sleep on the ship, under sail. If it's a clear night you can enjoy the beauty of night sailing under the starsDay 2: Sailing towards Islas CiesPass By: Islas Cies, Vigo, Province of Pontevedra, GaliciaWe'll spend the day sailing down towards Islas Cies from Vigo. If we're lucky we'll see dolphins and arroaces once we reach Cies. On this part of the journey you'll get to take part in the actual sailing. If the wind is with up we'll hoist the sails and turn the engine off. This is a beautiful sensation. Don't worry if you have no sailing experience, the crew will help you. Meals included: • Breakfast: Cereal, toast & jam, fruit and tea & coffee. • Lunch: A freshly cooked meal prepared on board. • Dinner: A freshly cooked meal prepared onboard.Accommodation included: Sleeping onboardDay 3: Islas Cies - Guided walkStop At: Islas Cies, Vigo, Province of Pontevedra, GaliciaWe plan to arrive at approximately 10 a.m and anchor off the island. If we’re lucky, we’ll see “arroaces”, small native dolphins swimming around the ship. Once we’re anchored we’ll dinghy in to the island for a couple of guided walks, with a local expert guide who will tell us all about the islands; the fauna, flora and its importance in the local ecosystem. Make sure you take your camera! Lunch will be a picnic on the island between walks, after which we will return to the boat where the cook will have prepared a delicious paella or BBQ to enjoy as you watch the sun go down over the horizon. We’ll sleep at anchor under the stars with the sea to rock us to sleep. Duration: 2 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast: Continental • Lunch: Picnic • Dinner: Freshly prepared meal cooked onboardAccommodation included: OnboardDay 4: Islas Cies with guided walk and night at anchorStop At: Islas Cies, Vigo, Province of Pontevedra, GaliciaThe following day we’ll return to the Cies Island after breakfast and walk to the top of Agudo mountain and through the forest, a picnic will be provided for lunch. Once back on the ship we will partake of another delicious Galician meal and spend another night at anchor. Duration: 4 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast: Continental • Lunch: Picnic • Dinner: Freshly prepared meal cooked onboardAccommodation included: OnboardDay 5: Sailing from Islas Cies to O Grove, outing, wine tastingPass By: Islas Cies, Vigo, Province of Pontevedra, GaliciaWe will lift anchor at 8 a.m after an early breakfast for a day sail towards O Grove, arriving early evening. You can enjoy a free evening in the town and have dinner on board.Meals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: OnboardDay 6: O Grove, shellfish gathering, canning factory visit, wine cellar visit. Tasting includedStop At: O Carreiro, O Grove, Province of Pontevedra, GaliciaThe following day is a local gastro extravaganza! First we will go on a seafood workshop where we’ll don wellies and a waterproof and go down to the shore accompanied by the shell fisherwomen who will show us how to identify the different types of clams and tell us something of the history of their livelihood. After this we’ll make our way to the canning factory, where we will have a guided tour to show us how the seafood is selected and marinated. We’ll also get to sample some along with a drink. Our last stop for the day is a private manor house surrounded by manicured gardens and sweeping vineyards. After a stroll around the gardens we’ll visit the vineyard and finish up at the manor house for a wine tasting session. The mornings fun will most definitely have whet your appetite so we shall head back to the ship for a hearty lunch and time to pack up and be ready to disembark at 18.00 Duration: 10 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • LunchNo accommodation included on this day.

$673.62 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Sailing, outdoor adventure and gastronomic holiday experiences

Join us onboard the tallship Atyla at 16.00 in Muros. You can either take advantage of our complimentary bus service from Santiago de Compostela (airport & city stops), or you can make your own way to Muros and meet us at the dock.After settling in and a short safety briefing it will be time to cast off and set sail along the estuary towards the open sea!You'll be part of the crew at sea, helping with all aspects of sailing the ship & life onboard. Don worry if you don't have any sailing experience, our experienced crew are there to help you and teach you the basics so you can fully participate.As with all sailing experiences, weather permitting! we'll anchor in Viveiro Bay, a teardrop shaped bay surrounded by pine & eucalyptus clad hills. We'll dinghy in to shore and take a walk out to Punta do Fuciño, don't forget your cameras! The views are majestic and rugged, you can feel the celtic soul here.We'll head into town after enjoying the views and visit a tapas bar for a glass of one of the local white wines the region is famous for and sample some local fayre before heading back to the ship. Once again, weather permitting we'll head back in later for a BBQ on the beach, or we'll dine onboard.The following morning we'll up anchor and start our final leg back to our homeport of Bilbao, just in time for the 35th anniversary of the ships launch! We'll start the celebrations with a meal out at a local restaurant for all onboard. If you are not in too much of a hurry, the next day we'll take a bus and visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (castle rock in Basque). It's quite a walk downhill for approximately a kilometre then over the bridge and uphill for over 240 steps :) But well worth it! It has played its part defending the area from the catholic kings, it was attacked by Francis Drake, and during the Spanish inquisition they locked up women they had accused as witches in the dungeons. More recently it is famous for being a film location for the Game of Thrones series. When you reach the top, legend says you have to ring the bell 3 times and make a wish! We'll make our way back across the bridge for some much needed refreshment and a picnic before heading back to the ship where you can gather your belongings and make your way home or on to your next adventure!

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