Platja d'en Bossa

South Ibiza

Now backed by some of Ibiza's hottest clubs (and a bunch of high-rise buildings), this white-gold, 3km-long strip of sand washed by gentle aqua-coloured waves remains as lovely as ever. It's bookended by the Torre de Sa Sal Rossa defence tower to the south and the resort suburb of Figueretes to the north.

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Nearby South Ibiza attractions

1. Església de Sant Jordi

0.77 MILES

Incongruously located in the suburbs 4km southwest of Ibiza Town, the fortress-like Església de Sant Jordi is well worth a quick diversion. A chapel has…

2. Figueretes

1.21 MILES

Southwest of Dalt Vila, the slender bay of the Figueretes neighbourhood is the closest patch of sand to Ibiza Town, with a palm-lined promenade and…

3. Necròpolis del Puig des Molins

1.52 MILES

Today it looks like little more than rocky scrubland, but this vast ancient burial ground was a key part of Ibiza Town's 1999 World Heritage recognition…

4. Baluard de Sant Jaume

1.66 MILES

One of Dalt Vila's seven colossal bastions, on the walled city's southwest side; houses displays on Renaissance weaponry.

5. Baluard de Sant Pere

1.71 MILES

The northwesternmost of Dalt Vila's seven imposing bastions details the history of the great city walls' Renaissance-era construction.

6. Museu Puget

1.71 MILES

A 15th-century mansion, with a typical late-Gothic courtyard and staircase, houses 130 paintings by Ibizan artist Narcís Puget Viñas (1874–1960) and his…

7. Castell d'Eivissa

1.76 MILES

Occupying Dalt Vila's very highest ground, Ibiza's semiderelict castle is an assortment of historical buildings constructed over a 1000-year period,…

8. Dalt Vila

1.76 MILES

Its formidable, floodlit, 16th-century bastions visible from across southern Ibiza, Dalt Vila is a fortified hilltop first settled by the Phoenicans and…