Farmacia Real


The Farmacia Real, at the southern end of the Plaza de la Armería courtyard inside the Palacio Real compound, contains a formidable collection of medicine jars and stills for mixing royal concoctions; the royals were either paranoid or decidedly sickly.

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1. Armería Real

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Part of the Palacio Real, the Armería Real showcases weapons and striking suits of armour, mostly dating from the 16th and 17th centuries.

2. Palacio Real


Spain's jewel-box Palacio Real is used only occasionally for royal ceremonies; the royal family moved to the modest Palacio de la Zarzuela years ago.

3. Plaza de Oriente

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This graceful square is one central Madrid's most beautiful, home as it is to a royal palace that once had aspirations to be the Spanish Versailles,…

5. Campo del Moro

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These gardens beneath the Palacio Real were designed to mimic the gardens surrounding the palace at Versailles; nowhere is this more in evidence than…

6. Jardines de Sabatini

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The formal French-style Jardines de Sabatini are to the north of the Palacio Real, a palace with lush gardens.

7. Statue of Felipe IV

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This important landmark in the centre of the Plaza de Oriente was unveiled in 1843.