Jardines de Sabatini


The formal French-style Jardines de Sabatini are to the north of the Palacio Real, a palace with lush gardens.

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1. Plaza de Oriente

0.12 MILES

This graceful square is one central Madrid's most beautiful, home as it is to a royal palace that once had aspirations to be the Spanish Versailles,…

2. Convento de la Encarnación

0.13 MILES

Founded by Empress Margarita de Austria, this 17th-century mansion built in the Madrid baroque style (a pleasing amalgam of brick, exposed stone and…

3. Statue of Felipe IV

0.14 MILES

This important landmark in the centre of the Plaza de Oriente was unveiled in 1843.

4. Palacio del Senado

0.15 MILES

Spain's Senate building, which dates to the 16th century, is imposing rather than beautiful. It's closed to the public.

5. Farmacia Real

0.16 MILES

The Farmacia Real, at the southern end of the Plaza de la Armería courtyard inside the Palacio Real compound, contains a formidable collection of medicine…

6. Teatro Real

0.21 MILES

Backing onto Plaza de Oriente, Madrid’s signature opera house took on its present neoclassical form in 1997 although, viewed from Plaza de Isabel II,

7. Armería Real

0.22 MILES

Part of the Palacio Real, the Armería Real showcases weapons and striking suits of armour, mostly dating from the 16th and 17th centuries.

8. Palacio Real

0.22 MILES

Spain's jewel-box Palacio Real is used only occasionally for royal ceremonies; the royal family moved to the modest Palacio de la Zarzuela years ago.