La Casa Encendida

La Latina & Lavapiés

This cultural centre is utterly unpredictable, if only because of the quantity and scope of its activities – everything from exhibitions to cinema sessions and workshops. The focus is often on international artists or environmental themes, but if it has an overarching theme, it’s the alternative slant it takes on the world.

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1. La Corrala

0.21 MILES

One building that catches the community spirit of the lively Lavapiés is La Corrala, an example of an intriguing traditional (if much tidied up) tenement…

2. Plaza de Lavapiés

0.22 MILES

The triangular Plaza de Lavapiés is one of the few open spaces in Lavapiés and is a magnet for all that’s good (a thriving cultural life) and bad (drugs…

3. Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

0.35 MILES

Home to Picasso’s Guernica, arguably Spain’s most famous artwork, the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía is Madrid’s premier collection of contemporary art.

4. Antigua Estación de Atocha

0.44 MILES

In 1992 the northwestern wing of the Antigua Estación de Atocha was given a stunning overhaul. The structure of this grand iron-and-glass relic from the…

5. El Rastro

0.44 MILES

A Sunday morning at El Rastro flea market, Europe's largest, is a Madrid institution. You could easily spend the entire morning inching your way down the…

6. 11 March 2004 Memorial

0.47 MILES

In the modern northeastern corner of the Antigua Estación de Atocha, this memorial is a moving monument to the victims of the 2004 terrorist attack at the…

7. Museo del Ferrocarril


You don’t have to be a trainspotter to enjoy this railway museum – you’ll see as many kids as anoraks – but it helps. Housed in the disused 1880s Estación…

8. Caixa Forum


This extraordinary structure is one of Madrid's most eye-catching landmarks. Seeming to hover above the ground, the brick edifice is topped by an…