This engaging museum occupies the spot where San Isidro Labrador ended his days around 1172. A particular highlight is the large model based on Pedro Teixeira’s famous 1656 map of Madrid. Of great historical interest (though not much to look at) is the ‘miraculous well’, where the saint called forth water to slake his master’s thirst. In another miracle, the son of the saint’s master fell into a well, whereupon Isidro prayed and prayed until the water rose and lifted his master's son to safety.

The museum is housed in a largely new building with a 16th-century Renaissance courtyard and a 17th-century chapel. Apart from the focus on San Isidro, the collection has archaeological finds from the Roman period, including a 4th-century mosaic found on the site of a Roman villa in the barrio (district) of Carabanchel, maps, scale models, paintings and photos of Madrid down through the ages.