Cap de Sant Sebastià

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The magical promontory framing the eastern end of Llafranc offers fabulous views in both directions and out to sea. It hosts an 1857 lighthouse, home to the excellent restaurant Far Nomo, plus a 15th-century watchtower and an 18th-century chapel now incorporated into an upmarket hotel. Also here are the ruins of a pre-Roman Iberian settlement (with multilingual explanatory panels). It’s a 1.2km (20-minute) walk up from central Llafranc: follow the steps from the harbour. You can continue north to Tamariu (4km, about an hour).

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1. Jardins de Cap Roig


Atop Cap Roig, 2km southwest of Calella, these beautiful botanical gardens contain approximately 1000 floral species, set around the early-20th-century…

3. Museu del Suro

2.49 MILES

This surprisingly large, modern museum within a 20th-century factory has audiovisual displays detailing Catalonia's cork industry. Cutting and branding…

4. Sant Martí de Palafrugell

2.49 MILES

The incomplete multipointed turret of this fine Gothic construction extends skywards like a crown above central Palafrugell. Old documents state that a…

5. Platja Fonda

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From just northeast of Fornells' car park (4km south of Begur), stone stairs lead down to signposted Platja Fonda, a slate-grey pebbly beach that lures…

6. Església de Sant Pere


Begur's stocky sandstone church presides over lively Plaça de la Vila. Much of the building dates to the 17th century, though a church has stood on this…

7. Casa Vicenç Ferrer Bataller

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An especially fine example of Begur's Modernista mansions is the orange-coloured 19th-century Casa Vicenç Ferrer Bataller, built on tobacco-industry…

8. Castell de Begur

4.25 MILES

There is little to explore aside from the ragged ruins of this medieval castle, still in much the same state as when it was wrecked by Spanish troops to…