The Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes.

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Monestir de Sant Pere de Rodes

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Views of distant Pyrenean peaks and the deep-blue Mediterranean combine with a spectacular piece of Romanesque architecture at this hillside monastery, 500m up in the hills 7km southwest of El Port de la Selva (which is 13km northwest of Cadaqués). Founded in the 9th century, it became the most powerful monastery in the county of Empúries. The great triple-naved, barrel-vaulted basilica is flanked by the square 12th-century Torre de Sant Miquel bell tower and a two-level cloister dating from the 11th and 20th centuries.

Also here is an info centre for the Cap de Creus natural park. Approaching from El Port de la Selva, stop in the signposted car park, a 10-minute walk from the monastery.

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