Castell de Begur

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There is little to explore aside from the ragged ruins of this medieval castle, still in much the same state as when it was wrecked by Spanish troops to impede the advance of Napoleon’s army in 1810. A steep, signposted 1km walk leads from central Begur to the ramparts (25 minutes), with breathtaking views over hills rolling towards the Mediterranean.

The Elizabeth Taylor film Suddenly, Last Summer was shot at the castle in 1959.

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1. Casa Vicenç Ferrer Bataller

0.14 MILES

An especially fine example of Begur's Modernista mansions is the orange-coloured 19th-century Casa Vicenç Ferrer Bataller, built on tobacco-industry…

2. Església de Sant Pere

0.16 MILES

Begur's stocky sandstone church presides over lively Plaça de la Vila. Much of the building dates to the 17th century, though a church has stood on this…

3. Cala d'Aiguafreda


Around 4.5km northeast of Begur you'll find this tiny, divine rocky cove, where trails fringed by pine trees stretch around a headland. It’s more a…

4. Platja de Sa Riera

1.11 MILES

The fine beach fronting Sa Riera, 3km northeast of Begur, has russet sands and a couple of cafes. A 40-minute, 2.5km walking path leads here from Begur.

5. Cala de Sa Tuna

1.12 MILES

The finely pebbled beach of Sa Tuna sits in a small cove 3km east of Begur, fringed by now-remodelled fishers' houses. There are restaurants and parking,…

6. Platja Fonda

1.14 MILES

From just northeast of Fornells' car park (4km south of Begur), stone stairs lead down to signposted Platja Fonda, a slate-grey pebbly beach that lures…

7. Cala Illa Roja

1.44 MILES

Wander 1km north from Sa Riera to reach this ruby-tinged cove, used by some as a nudist beach and with spectacular rock formations gracing the sand.