Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor in Trujillo.

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Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor


This 13th-century church is a stunner. It has a mainly Gothic nave and two towers that you can climb for fabulous views across Trujillo, the castle and the sprawling countryside. The church's magnificent altarpiece includes 25 brilliantly coloured 15th-century paintings by Spanish artist Fernando Gallego in the Hispano-Flemish style, depicting scenes from the lives of Mary and Christ. The 124-step Torre Julia is a Romanesque stunner, while the 106-step Torre Nueva has some interesting architectural notes on the first landing.

The church also contains the tombs of leading Trujillo families from the Middle Ages, including that of Diego García de Paredes (1466–1533; 'El Sansón de Extremadura'), a warrior of legendary strength who, according to Cervantes, could stop a mill wheel with one finger. His tomb is on the right as you enter the church.

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