Castillo de Trujillo

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Atop the town's 600m-high summit, Trujillo's castle is of 10th-century Islamic origin (note the horseshoe arch just inside the entrance) and was later strengthened by the Christians. Patrol the battlements for magnificent views (sunsets are exquisite), visit the derelict aljibe (cistern) and climb to the hermitage of Our Lady of the Victory, Trujillo's patron. A 50-céntimo coin makes her spin around in her alcove; you can also spot her above the entrance gate as you approach.

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1. Torre del Alfiler

0.09 MILES

Once part of the defensive walls guarding the fortress, this 15th-century tower later became a fortified aristocratic dwelling. Inside, you'll find an…

2. Iglesia de San Martín


Trujillo's 16th-century Iglesia de San Martín looms over the Plaza Mayor, with delicate Gothic ceiling tracing in its single nave, striking stained-glass…

3. Casa-Museo de Pizarro


High in the upper old town (and signposted from the Puerta de Santiago), this small museum occupies a 15th-century home believed to have belonged to the…

4. Pizarro Statue

0.11 MILES

A large, bronze equestrian statue of the conquistador Francisco Pizarro by American sculptor Charles Rumsey dominates the Plaza Mayor. But all is not as…

5. Iglesia de Santiago

0.12 MILES

Alongside the grand Puerta de Santiago, just inside the walled town, stands the Iglesia de Santiago, Trujillo's oldest church, founded in the 13th century…

6. Palacio de los Duques de San Carlos

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Off the northeastern corner of the Plaza Mayor lies the 16th-century Palacio de los Duques de San Carlos, with its sober classical patio, grand granite…

7. Plaza Mayor

0.12 MILES

Trujillo's main square is one of Spain's most spectacular plazas, surrounded by baroque and Renaissance stone buildings sporting intricately carved…

8. Puerta de Santiago

0.13 MILES

Head up into the old town along Calle de los Ballesteros and you'll pass through the 15th-century Puerta de Santiago.