Torre del Alfiler


Once part of the defensive walls guarding the fortress, this 15th-century tower later became a fortified aristocratic dwelling. Inside, you'll find an interpretation centre focused on Trujillo and Extremadura history, with an introductory Spanish-language video. The tower itself is best appreciated from outside.

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1. Pizarro Statue

0.04 MILES

A large, bronze equestrian statue of the conquistador Francisco Pizarro by American sculptor Charles Rumsey dominates the Plaza Mayor. But all is not as…

2. Plaza Mayor

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Trujillo's main square is one of Spain's most spectacular plazas, surrounded by baroque and Renaissance stone buildings sporting intricately carved…

3. Centro de Visitantes Los Descubridores

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This museum inhabits the 17th-century Iglesia de la Preciosa Sangre de Cristo with a high-tech display on Spain's conquest of the Americas and the larger…

4. Iglesia de San Martín

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5. Palacio de la Conquista

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On the south side of Plaza Mayor, carved images of conquistador Pizarro and his lover Inés Yupanqui (sister of the Inca emperor Atahualpa) adorn the…

6. Iglesia de Santiago

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Alongside the grand Puerta de Santiago, just inside the walled town, stands the Iglesia de Santiago, Trujillo's oldest church, founded in the 13th century…

7. Puerta de Santiago

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Head up into the old town along Calle de los Ballesteros and you'll pass through the 15th-century Puerta de Santiago.

8. Palacio de Juan Pizarro de Orellana

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A grand, arched Renaissance entrance leads to a cloistered patio flanked by the coats of arms of the Orellanas and the Pizarros inside this splendid…