Palacio de los Golfines de Arriba


This 14th- to 15th-century palace is where Franco was declared head of state in 1936.

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1. Casa Mudéjar

0.02 MILES

Tucked into the upper half of the old town, the 14th-century Casa Mudéjar still retains its Islamic influence in its striking brickwork and 1st-floor…

2. Plaza de San Mateo

0.05 MILES

From the Plaza de San Jorge, head up Calle Cuesta de la Compañía to the Plaza de San Mateo, the highest point of the Ciudad Monumental. Generally quieter…

3. Iglesia de San Mateo

0.05 MILES

Crowning the highest spot of the Ciudad Monumental (458m) and built on the site of the town's mosque, the Iglesia de San Mateo was traditionally the…

4. Torre de las Cigüeñas

0.06 MILES

Sandwiched between the Plaza de San Mateo and the Plaza de las Veletas, at the top of the old town, this is the only Cáceres tower to retain its…

6. Casa de Los Becerra

0.08 MILES

This restored 15th-century Gothic mansion now functions as a cultural centre, with occasional exhibitions.

7. Iglesia de San Francisco Javier

0.08 MILES

This 18th-century Jesuit church, with a baroque facade that rises above the Plaza de San Jorge, has towers that you can climb for glorious old-town views …

8. Museo de Cáceres

0.09 MILES

The excellent Museo de Cáceres, spread across 12 buildings in a 16th-century mansion built over an evocative 12th-century aljibe (cistern), is the only…