Iglesia de San Martín


The centrepiece of the stunning Plaza de San Martín, this is a Romanesque pièce de résistance, with the segoviano touch of a Mudéjar tower and arched gallery. The interior boasts a Flemish Gothic chapel.

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1. Plaza de San Martín

0.03 MILES

This is one of the most captivating small plazas in Segovia. The square is presided over by a statue of Juan Bravo; the 14th-century Torreón de Lozoya, a…

3. Torreón de Lozoya

0.05 MILES

This 14th-century tower was once an armoury; it now houses temporary exhibitions of mostly contemporary art.

4. Iglesia de San Miguel

0.09 MILES

On Plaza Mayor, this church – where Isabel was proclaimed Queen of Castile – recedes humbly into the background before the splendour of the cathedral…

5. Centro Didáctico de la Judería


This interpretation centre and museum in Segovia's old Jewish quarter provides a fascinating history of the Jewish community in Segovia. It occupies the…

6. Plaza Mayor

0.12 MILES

Watched over by the catedral, shady Plaza Mayor is the nerve centre of old Segovia, lined by an eclectic assortment of buildings, arcades and cafes and…

7. Casa de los Picos

0.12 MILES

A grand Renaissance mansion with a diamond-patterned facade that's home to a school of applied arts and also hosts free contemporary art exhibitions …

8. Catedral

0.16 MILES

Started in 1525 on the site of a former chapel, Segovia's cathedral is a powerful expression of Gothic architecture that took almost 200 years to complete…