Casa de los Picos


A grand Renaissance mansion with a diamond-patterned facade that's home to a school of applied arts and also hosts free contemporary art exhibitions (although it's not always open to visitors).

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Nearby Segovia attractions

1. Torreón de Lozoya

0.07 MILES

This 14th-century tower was once an armoury; it now houses temporary exhibitions of mostly contemporary art.

2. Plaza de San Martín


This is one of the most captivating small plazas in Segovia. The square is presided over by a statue of Juan Bravo; the 14th-century Torreón de Lozoya, a…

5. Iglesia de San Martín

0.12 MILES

The centrepiece of the stunning Plaza de San Martín, this is a Romanesque pièce de résistance, with the segoviano touch of a Mudéjar tower and arched…

6. Acueducto

0.14 MILES

Segovia's most recognisable symbol is El Acueducto (Roman Aqueduct), an 894m-long engineering wonder that looks like an enormous comb plunged into Segovia…

7. Iglesia de San Millán

0.17 MILES

Located off Avenida de Fernández Ladreda, this church is a time-worn example of the Romanesque style typical of Segovia, with porticoes and a Mudéjar bell…

8. Centro Didáctico de la Judería

0.21 MILES

This interpretation centre and museum in Segovia's old Jewish quarter provides a fascinating history of the Jewish community in Segovia. It occupies the…