Abutting the southwestern corner of the Real Colegiata de San Isidro is a fragment of the former muralla (old city wall). The wall dates to the 1st century AD, but what you see today dates to 19th-century restoration works.

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1. Real Colegiata de San Isidoro

0.02 MILES

Attached to the Real Basílica de San Isidoro, the stunning Panteón Real houses royal sarcophagi, which rest with quiet dignity beneath a canopy of some of…

2. Real Basílica de San Isidoro

0.02 MILES

Even older than León's cathedral, the Real Basílica de San Isidoro provides a stunning Romanesque counterpoint to the former's Gothic strains. Fernando I…

3. Museo Gaudí

0.15 MILES

Antoni Gaudí's contribution to León's skyline is the castle-like, neo-Gothic Casa Botines (1893), though the zany architect of Barcelona fame seems to…

4. Palacio de los Guzmanes

0.15 MILES

León's recurring Renaissance theme finds expression in the splendid Palacio de los Guzmanes (1560), where the facade and patio stand out. The latter is…

5. Museo de León

0.16 MILES

Spread over four floors, the exhibits in this well-presented city museum begin with stone artefacts in the basement, thereafter journeying through the…

6. Ayuntamiento

0.19 MILES

Close to the main entrance into the old town, the ayuntamiento (town hall) occupies a charmingly compact Renaissance-era palace.

7. Museo Sierra-Pambley

0.21 MILES

This stately house dates from the 19th century and was built by Segundo Sierra-Pambley, who founded one of the first schools in the region in 1887. The…

8. Farmacia Alonso Nuñez

0.23 MILES

Don't miss the fabulous Farmacia Alonso Nuñez at number 3. It dates from 1827 and, aside from the displays of anti-wrinkle creams and condoms, the…