Episcopal Palace of Astorga by architect Antoni Gaudi.


Palacio de Gaudí

Castilla y León

Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí left his mark on Astorga in the fairy-tale turrets and frilly facade of this palacio. Built in the 19th century, it now houses the Museo de los Caminos (in the basement), an eclectic collection with Roman artefacts and coins; contemporary paintings (on the top floor); and medieval sculpture, Gothic tombs and silver crosses (on the ground and 1st floors). The highlight is the chapel, with its stunning murals and stained glass.

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1. Catedral

0.06 MILES

The cathedral’s striking plateresque southern facade is created from caramel-coloured sandstone with elaborate sculptural detail. Work began in 1471 and…

2. Museo Catedralicio

0.07 MILES

Astorga's Museo Catedralicio, attached to the cathedral, features the usual religious art, documents and artefacts.

3. Museo del Chocolate

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Proof that Astorga does not exist solely for the virtuous souls of the Camino comes in the form of this quirky private museum. Chocolate ruled Astorga's…

4. Museo Romano


Housed in the Roman ergástula (slave prison), the Museo Romano has a modest selection of artefacts and an enjoyable big-screen slide show on Roman Astorga.

5. Casa Romana

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Remnants of a villa that once belonged to a wealthy Roman family survive under glass just down the hill from the Plaza de San Bartolomé. The highlight is…

6. Foro Romano

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Astorga's former Roman Forum once occupied one of the highest points of the Roman city. It now consists of low-lying ruins a block from Plaza de España.

7. Convento de San Marcos

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You'll have to check into the Hostal de San Marcos parador to appreciate most of this palatial former monastery, although the historic chapter house and…

8. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

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León's showpiece Museo de Arte Contemporáneo has been acclaimed for the 37 shades of coloured glass that adorn the facade; they were gleaned from the…