Far de Favàritx


At the far-flung eastern end of the Cap de Favàritx (ignore the propiedad privada signs along the winding access road), this candy-striped lighthouse was founded in 1922 after a series of terrible ship sinkings off Menorca's coasts. The lighthouse is closed to the public.

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1. Cala Presili

0.71 MILES

This pretty, sandy east-coast beach is only reachable on foot: it's 1km southwest of the Favàritx lighthouse car park and signposted.

2. Platja d’en Tortuga

0.87 MILES

From the Favàritx lighthouse, a signposted 1.8km track heads southwest to this isolated sand-dusted beach on Menorca's northeast coast.

3. Parc Natural S’Albufera des Grau

3.54 MILES

This freshwater lagoon and its shores form the ‘nucleus zone’ of Menorca’s protected Unesco Biosphere Reserve. It's a haven for wetland birdlife …

4. Sa Mesquida

5.71 MILES

A narrow country lane leads 7km northeast of Maó to this east-facing sweep of pale sand and translucent sea. It's a favourite among locals at weekends,…

5. Granja Dorada

7.04 MILES

At red-washed Golden Farm, they say, Lord Nelson and his lover Lady Hamilton enjoyed a tryst in 1799. Visits are by guided tour and pre-booking is…

6. Església de Sant Francesc

7.31 MILES

Attached to the 17th-century Convent de Sant Francesc, which now houses the Museu de Menorca, this baroque, single-nave church stands on the site of a…

7. Museu de Menorca

7.32 MILES

This 17th-century former Franciscan monastery has been a nautical school, a library, a high school, a children’s home and, now, Menorca's main museum. Its…

8. Xoriguer Gin Distillery

7.32 MILES

At this portside showroom, you can taste and buy Menorca's distinctively aromatic Xoriguer gin, born during the 18th-century British rule. From the range…