Casa Museo María Pita

A Coruña

The old home of A Coruña's great heroine, who took an inspirational lead in repelling a 1589 English invasion force (retaliation for the Spanish Armada of the previous year), is now an interesting museum covering her life and the history of A Coruña in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Explanatory material is in Galician but there are English translation sheets.

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1. Iglesia de Santiago

0.13 MILES

The 12th-century Iglesia de Santiago, with three Romanesque apses backing on to pretty little Plaza de la Constitución, is the city's oldest church.

2. Xardín de San Carlos

0.17 MILES

The British General Sir John Moore (killed in the nearby Battle of Elviña in 1809, leading a British force against the French who had invaded Spain) lies…

3. Ayuntamiento

0.18 MILES

The elaborate but architecturally harmonious early-20th-century Ayuntamiento dominates Plaza de María Pita.

4. Museo Militar

0.18 MILES

The Military Museum showcases an assembly of arms, uniforms, banners and other military gear from the 18th to 20th centuries.

5. Plaza de María Pita

0.18 MILES

Stately Plaza de María Pita is rimmed with cafes and dominated by the early-20th-century Ayuntamiento and a monument to the heroine the square is named…

6. Galerías

0.22 MILES

The expanse of classic late-19th-century Galician galerías (glassed-in balconies) fronting Avenidas de Montoto and Marina is an emblematic A Coruña sight…

7. Plaza del Humor

0.28 MILES

This small square just west of Plaza de María Pita is decked with caricatures of famous laughter-makers from Cervantes to the Pink Panther. Not quite sure…

8. Museo de Belas Artes


Highlights at the sleek Fine Arts Museum include paintings by Rubens, Picasso, Tintoretto and Sorolla, an impressive collection of Goya prints and a fine…