Must see attractions in A Coruña

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    Torre de Hércules

    It was actually the Romans who originally built this lighthouse at the windy northern tip of the city, in the 1st century CE – a beacon on the furthest…

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    Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología

    Not just for techies, the National Science and Technology Museum will engage everybody. You'll see the first computer used in Spain (a monstrous IBM 650…

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    Casa Museo Picasso

    Pablo Picasso lived in this large apartment from the age of nine to 13 (1891–95), while his father taught art at a nearby school. The apartment is kitted…

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    Museo Arqueológico e Histórico

    The 16th-century Castillo de San Antón, the fort set on its own little promontory guarding the entrance to the port, now houses the Museo Arqueológico e…

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    Aquarium Finisterrae

    Kids love the seal colony and the underwater Nautilus room (surrounded by sharks and 50 other fish species) at this excellent aquarium on the city's…

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    Museo de Belas Artes

    Highlights at the sleek Fine Arts Museum include paintings by Rubens, Picasso, Tintoretto and Sorolla, an impressive collection of Goya prints and a fine…

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    Plaza de María Pita

    Stately Plaza de María Pita is rimmed with cafes and dominated by the early-20th-century Ayuntamiento and a monument to the heroine the square is named…

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    Monte de San Pedro

    This hilltop park 2km northwest of the city centre provides exceptional views over the city and coast, and contains the Cúpula Atlántica, an observation…

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    Casa Museo María Pita

    The old home of A Coruña's great heroine, who took an inspirational lead in repelling a 1589 English invasion force (retaliation for the Spanish Armada of…

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    Xardín de San Carlos

    The British General Sir John Moore (killed in the nearby Battle of Elviña in 1809, leading a British force against the French who had invaded Spain) lies…

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    A Coruña's city beach is a glorious, 1.4km-long protected sweep of sand, often with decent surfing waves. Named Playa del Orzán at its east end and Playa…

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    Ascensor Panorámico

    Part of the fun of visiting the Monte de San Pedro is getting up there in the Ascensor Panorámico, a large glass ball that slowly ascends the steep…

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    The expanse of classic late-19th-century Galician galerías (glassed-in balconies) fronting Avenidas de Montoto and Marina is an emblematic A Coruña sight…

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    Iglesia de Santiago

    The 12th-century Iglesia de Santiago, with three Romanesque apses backing on to pretty little Plaza de la Constitución, is the city's oldest church.

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    Cúpula Atlántica

    The Monte de San Pedro is topped by this 360-degree observation dome, with information displays on A Coruña.

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    The elaborate but architecturally harmonious early-20th-century Ayuntamiento dominates Plaza de María Pita.

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    Plaza del Humor

    This small square just west of Plaza de María Pita is decked with caricatures of famous laughter-makers from Cervantes to the Pink Panther. Not quite sure…

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    Museo Militar

    The Military Museum showcases an assembly of arms, uniforms, banners and other military gear from the 18th to 20th centuries.