Torreón dos Andrade

Tower in Pontedeume

The stout, 18m-high Andrade Tower was erected in the late 14th century, probably by Fernán Pérez de Andrade 'O Boo' (The Good), who fought on the winning side in wars among Castilian royalty and as a reward was made lord of a sizeable chunk of northern Galicia by King Enrique II. The tower contains a worthwhile interpretation centre on the Andrade family, who went on to dominate this area for two centuries, and also houses the local tourist office.

'O Boo' was known for building roads, bridges, churches, monasteries and hospitals, as well as defensive towers such as this one, which was part of his palace complex (the main palace building, demolished in 1935, stood on the site of the nearby market). He constructed Pontedeume's first stone bridge over the Eume and three Gothic churches in Betanzos, one of which contains his intriguingly carved tomb.