Flysch Cliffs at the beach in Zumaia, Basque Country, Spain.

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Basque Coast Geopark

The Central Basque Coast

Running from Zumaia west to Deba and Mutriku, this narrow coastal strip encompasses meadows, forests, caves and, most importantly, 13km of dramatic cliffs. The layered formations of flysch deposits show 60 million years of the earth's history, from roughly 50 million to 110 million years ago.

There are various paths you can take, from the 1.5km Algorri route that takes you along the cliffs outside of Zumaia, to the 10.9km Talaia trail, going from Zumaia all the way to Itxaspe. Guided walking tours and boat trips are on offer. Book online or through the tourist office well in advance.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Algorri Interpretation Centre

0.37 MILES

A small museum tucked a few blocks from the river, Algorri gives an overview of the geological wonders at Zumaia's back door. Audiovisual displays chart…

2. Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa

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Although Getaria is mainly about sun, sand and seafood, don't miss a visit to the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa. Local boy Cristóbal became a giant in the…

3. Getaria

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This cobblestone village on the coast has much to recommend it, including excellent seafood restaurants, narrow atmospheric lanes sprinkled with shops and…

4. Iglesia de San Salvador

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With its unusual shape, sloping wooden floors, and nautical atmosphere, Getaria's striking 1397-built Gothic church is well worth a stop. Features worth…

5. Iglesia de Santa María la Real

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Part of the Museo de Arte e Historia de Zarautz, this impressive Gothic church dates from the 15th and 16th centuries. Note the magnificent Baroque…

6. Museo de Arte e Historia de Zarautz

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Set in a 15th-century belltower – the oldest building in Zarautz – this small museum highlights a bit of the region's art and archaeology. Human skeletons…

7. Photomuseum

4.38 MILES

This museum explores the development of photography and moving pictures. Start up on the 4th floor and work your way downstairs, taking in displays on…

8. Nautilus

6.44 MILES

This small museum displays some of the astonishing geological finds in the area, including fossils dating back 120 million years. It gives an eye-opening…