Cabo Busto


Wind-lashed Cabo Busto, 13km east of Luarca, is a fine example of the Asturian coast’s wildness, with waves crashing on to its rocky cliffs below a 19th-century lighthouse. The views are fantastic and footpaths wend their way along the clifftops about half a kilometre in each direction.

A little nearer to Luarca, accessed from the old N634 coast road, part-sandy, part-stony Playa de Cueva, 600m long, combines cliffs, caves, a river mouth and occasional decent surf.

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1. Playa de Cueva

1.37 MILES

Soft, 600m-long Playa de Cueva, 7km east of Luarca on the old N634 coast road, is one of the district’s top beaches, with cliffs, caves, a river and…

2. Atalaya

3.44 MILES

Find your way up to Luarca’s Atalaya viewpoint, with its lighthouse, chapel, elaborate cemetery and dramatic coastal vistas, above the port’s northern end.

3. Ermita de la Regalina

4.99 MILES

Spectacularly positioned on a grassy headland fringed by jagged cliffs, sandy beaches and crashing seas, this delicate little blue-and-white chapel 16km…

4. Playa de Barayo

7.26 MILES

Part of a nat­ure reserve, Playa de Barayo is a good sandy beach in a pretty bay with a river winding through wetlands and dunes, and caves at its east…

5. Playa del Silencio

8.79 MILES

Silencio is one of Spain’s most beautiful beaches: a long, silver-sandy cove backed by a natural rock amphitheatre. It isn’t particularly good for…

6. Puerto de Vega

8.83 MILES

The pretty fishing village of Puerto de Vega, 15km west of Luarca, is well worth a visit, with a colourful little harbour and scenic walks along the Senda…

7. Playa de Frejulfe

10.28 MILES

The sands of beautiful Playa de Frejulfe stretch 750m along the ocean shore in front of thick eucalyptus woodlands, 17km west of Luarca and just a 2.5km…

8. Castro de Coaña

14.61 MILES

One of Spain’s best-preserved castros (pre-Roman fortified villages, often considered to be Celtic), dating back to the 4th century BCE, lies 2km south of…