Centro de Fauna Silvestre Collado del Almendral


You can view ibex, mouflon, deer, eagles, owls and falcons in semi-liberty at this 1-sq-km enclosed animal park. Visits are by mini train along 5km of road through the park, followed by a 1.5km walk taking in three miradors. It's set on a spur of land between the A319 and the Embalse del Tranco, 7km north of Coto Ríos. Closing times range from 5pm in winter to 9pm in summer, with last tours starting one hour earlier.

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1. Embalse del Tranco

0.82 MILES

This 20km-long reservoir sits in the midst of the park. It's formed by a dam near Tranco village, holding back the waters of the Río Guadalquivir.

2. Cerrada de Elías

6.72 MILES

One of the highlights of the Río Borosa walk, where the path takes to a wooden walkway above the waters of the river as it passes through a narrow gorge.

3. Central Eléctrica

7.66 MILES

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4. Embalse de los Órganos

8.65 MILES

You reach this picturesque reservoir after passing through two tunnels on the Río Borosa walk.

5. Nacimiento de Aguas Negras

8.76 MILES

The Río Borosa begins life here, welling out from under a rock. It's the usual end point for the Río Borosa walk and there's a perfect picnic spot beneath…

6. Iglesia de la Asunción

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7. Cosmolarium

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Hornos' panoramic medieval castle now houses, curiously enough, a modern astronomy interpretation centre and planetarium. Exhibits are devoted to the…

8. Puerto de las Palomas

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The A319, heading northeast from Cazorla, enters the natural park after 7km, at Burunchel, then winds 6km up to the 1200m Puerto de las Palomas pass. The…