The old grain store of the Duques de Osuna, next to the castle, houses the tourist office, the fascinating Museo de la Frontera y los Castillos (devoted to Olvera's turbulent history and the Reconquista), a small archaeological collection, and an exposition on the nearby Vía Verde de la Sierra cycling/hiking path.

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2. Castillo Árabe

0.04 MILES

Perched on a crag at 623m high atop town is Olvera's late-12th-century castle, which later formed part of Nasrid-era Granada's defensive systems. Clamber…

3. Santuario de los Remedios

1.72 MILES

Three kilometres southeast of Olvera's historic core, en route to Torre Alháquime, this 17th-century sanctuary honours the town's patron saint. Its…

4. Castillo


At the top of town, Setenil's 12th-century castle was captured by the Christians just eight years before the fall of Granada. You can climb the 13th…

5. Acinipo

7.47 MILES

Some 20km northwest of Ronda, off the A374, is the relatively undisturbed Roman site of Acinipo at Ronda la Vieja. Although completely ruined, with the…

6. Iglesia de Santa María de Mesa

9.43 MILES

Completed in 1779, the pastel-pink baroque Iglesia de Santa María de Mesa houses a small museum devoted to religious artefacts; among these, a 16th…

7. Castillo

9.49 MILES

A path opposite the Hotel Arco de la Villa leads to Zahara's 12th-century castle keep (it's a steep, steady 10- to 15-minute climb). The castle's…

8. Capilla de San Juan de Letrán


This dainty yellow-and-white chapel dates from the 20th century. Its slender, whitewashed Torre del Reloj (clock tower) is the only remaining element of…