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The South Pacific's paradisiacal reputation can be traced back to European explorers, returning home with tales of fertile soils, beautiful islanders and simple ways. These island nations have modernised since the late 1700s, but their allure remains undiminished: you’ll still find gin-clear waters, smiling locals and gardenia-scented airs. But what’s most amazing is how untainted by tourism most islands are. Blame it on remoteness, blame it on airfares...but few people who fantasise about the South Seas ever actually make the journey. Getting off the tourism grid and playing Robinson Crusoe is the true gift of the South Pacific.

Cultural Diversity

Even geography geeks crinkle their brows when contemplating this many islands, this far from anywhere else. On the map, all those little dots look the same, their many-vowelled names tripping over the tongue. But down on the ground there's a cultural diversity befitting any such earthly expanse. Yes, there are Polynesian nations, Melanesian nations, Micronesian nations...but beneath these blanket names are myriad languages, customs, histories and landscapes that make each island group unique. It’s not just homogenous beaches and reefs – bust out of your resort to find societies and experiences as rich as coconut cream.

Active Islands

Life moves slowly under the southern sun – it’s no wonder sit-on-a-beach-and-read-a-book holidays are why most visitors are here. But what if you want a bit of action? Look around and you'll find world-class surf breaks here, plus amazing snorkelling and diving sites. More surprisingly, you might try hiking to find crumbling tiki (sacred) statues in the jungle, trekking to the top of a volcano, swimming into a sea cave, rappelling down a waterfall or kayaking to a forgotten beach. The adventure travel vein has scarcely been tapped here and, other than a few mechanised experiences like jetskiing and 4WD tours, what’s on offer is authentic, uncrowded and something you’ll never likely forget.

Dinner Time

The South Pacific doesn't have a terrific rep for fine food and wine. But sidestep the Westernised resort restaurants and be adventurous: you'll find hearty local stews cooked with coconut milk, fabulous fresh seafood (how's that lobster?), peppy Chinese noodle soups and even the odd Indian curry. And who needs shiraz when the weather is this humid? Sip a cold local lager instead – the perfect thirst quencher as the sun sets on another day in paradise.

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$79.57 Cultural & Theme Tours

Full-Day Vanuatu Round Island Tour from Port Vila

You will be picked up at 8:30am from your accommodation in Port Vila and taken to your first stop; Iarofa Village. This is an amazing cultural experience where you will be able to experience traditional practices and skills, and be mesmerised by custom dancing and an amazing fire-walking display.The next stop of the day is the Blue Lagoon and Eton Village. Here you will be able to enjoy swimming in this magnificent naturally blue lagoon or at the beautiful white Eton Beach. Refreshments are included – fruits in season). At Eton Village you will be able to visit the Village Primary School (when open).Visit Pangpang and see the huge ancient banyan trees. You will learn the difference between the male and female trees and the use by their ancestors.You will then visit Beachcomber at Takara Lodge. Enjoy a Melanesian style buffet lunch to live music with a local string band. The second last stop is the World War 2 relics. This is Ernest’s story and collection of a man passionate about this part of our rich history.The final stop is Gideon’s Landing. Visit Vanuatu’s Survivor Beach and enjoy afternoon coffee & tea. You will have an opportunity for snorkeling opportunity if time permits before being taken back to your accommodation at 4:30pm.

$54.47 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Half-Day Muri Lagoon BBQ Lunch Cruise including Snorkeling

After arriving at our Beach Hut on Muri Beach you will be welcomed by traditional Cook Islands drums! You will then board one of our glass bottom boats for the cruise out to the Marine Reserve for some awesome snorkeling with giant clams and colorful tropical fish. If you’re lucky, you might get to meet Charlie the huge Moray Eel! You’ll have the opportunity to feed the fish before heading to Motu Koromiri for a Raro style fresh fish BBQ, salads and seasonal tropical fruits. Our fabulous lunch is followed by an amazing coconut show including coconut tree climbing and husking and an informative and entertaining Pareu (Sarong) tying show. It is a perfect day to get to know the amazing Cook Islands, so come join us! We donate a percentage of all sales back to the environment and the community through sponsorship of various projects aimed at protecting our lagoon and surrounding environment and through sponsorship of various community projects and sports clubs.

$88.93 Cultural & Theme Tours

Rarotonga Cook Islands Cultural Tour with Night Show, Dinner

The evening begins when you are picked up from your Rarotonga accommodation.This is your ultimate Cook Islands cultural experience. This tour includes a rich 2-hour pre-dinner Cultural Village Tour journey through the ancient Cook Islands Maori culture, guided by the local warriors who will teach you about local medicine, carving, tattooing, fishing, tapa making and more.Also included is a spectacular over water night show with buffet dinner, with compelling legend stories set over water, portraying the past and fast hip-shaking dances with resounding beats of drums and the rhythms of song and dance. This spectacular setting and performance are guaranteed to lift the hairs on the back of your neck.The dedicated loyal local staff are committed to present the culture of the Cook Islands from the 2-hour cultural village tour to the extensive buffet of several cultural dishes with a western fusion to cater for the wide range of dietary requirements, international travelers and mixed aged families.  From the moment guests arrive overlooking the lily pads, they are transported to an inner sanctum of tropical gardens hidden from the rest of the world, where tantalizing food and exquisite competition winning dancers light up the hearts and minds of guests with their fire, and the sounds of the passionate troupe of 10 drummers, ukulele and conch shell players.  This is a show that brings drama, fun and intrigue to all who watch and is topped off with a large dessert buffet and an opportunity to dance and have photos with the dancers at their tables. Guests are both enthralled and grateful for the exemplary hospitality and service and leave excited for the opportunity to become one with the locals.The evening concludes when you are taken back to you Rarotonga accommodation.

$68.25 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Progressive Dinner Tour with the Locals in Rarotonga

Your tour begins when you are picked up from your Rarotonga Accommodation.Leave the familiar surrounds of your resort and venture out to the villages to experience true Cook Islands cuisine, hospitality and the real spirit of culture and lifestyle when you visit the locals in their homes.Enjoy a three course meal with each course in a different local home. Explore the tropical garden that the host of the first course has to offer before jetting off to the main course where you will be treated to a buffet feast fit for a King or Queen. Dessert will treat you with local sweets, fruit as well as tea and brewed coffee. Whilst eating at each course, you will be delighted by the sounds of local ukuleles, guitar and voices of the small string band that will accompany the tour. The Progressive Dinner Tour operates Monday and Thursdays with Entree starting at 5:30 pm. The tour is 4 to 5 hours long.Your tour concludes when you are taken back to your Rarotonga accommodation.

$75.14 Shows, Concerts & Sports

Spectacular Over-Water Night Show with Dinner at Muri Beach

You are invited to the biggest over-water island night show on Rarotonga, which delivers an electric authentic cultural performance like no other. Set in luscious rock waterfall garden features, the Village houses the most stunning entertainment venue showcasing a beautiful story of “The Legend of Tongaiti."You'll be awestruck with the amazing show while Rarotonga’s finest dancers and musicians perform by flaming torchlight on floating and fixed stages of the waterfall garden. Enjoy a delicious island/western fusion buffet prepared by local and international chefs. Immerse yourself in local culture and embrace the Cook Island's Maori people through the spectacular night show.

$651 Cultural & Theme Tours

Viator VIP: Polynesian Cultural Center and Courtyard Marriott Package for 2

Hawaii's Polynesian Cultural Center, located about one hour's scenic drive from Waikiki, is a top Hawaiian attraction for a reason. The seven native villages give you the rare chance to participate in the daily adventures of Hawaiian and other South Pacific cultures. Add Hawaii's most authentic luau and the world's largest Polynesian night show and you'll see why every trip to Hawaii should include a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center.Seven island villages showcase the indigenous Polynesian cultures of Hawaii, Samoa, the Marquesas, Fiji, New Zealand, Tonga and Tahiti. Real Polynesians share knowledge about their traditional customs and you can watch the demonstrations or join in. Take a relaxing canoe ride on the winding lagoon and enjoy an Imax film. Kids will love getting ink tattoos, spear throwing, ukulele lessons and fishing experiences.No evening at the center would be complete without "Horizons", the largest Polynesian song and dance review in the world! Over 100 native performers dressed in authentic attire will share their traditions and culture as their ancestors once did. You will also witness the exciting fire walkers and fire knife dancers.The Courtyard Marriott stay gives you a hotel stay with a lot of value when spending multiple days at the Polynesian Cultural Center. The location of the property gives you convenient access both too and from the Polynesian Cultural Center which can also lessen the time you spend driving when spending multiple day at the property. Choose either a King room with a Sofa pull-out couch or a Queen room with 2 beds.